Breaking Glass with your Fingers

Assignment #7. Prompt: Fingers. Form: Prose Poetry. Device: assonance.

It feels very powerful, breaking glass with your fingers. Of course you score it first, carving a crisp, clean line across the otherwise scratchless surface. The carbide steel cutter makes a sound like paper ripping, or a zipper zipping.

Is that cheating, to score the glass first? I mean, it’s not like breaking a board with your hand, where you don’t really care how the board breaks, as long as it doesn’t break your hand. It’s more refined, more defined, more aligned. You control the break, with your fingers. It feels very powerful, breaking glass with your fingers.

I did break a board with my hand once. Good thing my hand wasn’t made of glass. But I digress.

I learned that glass is a liquid, and so you have to make the break quickly, before the score line fills back in. How cool is that? You’re scoring glass, and it’s like parting the Red Sea. But you don’t get wet. I wonder if Moses got wet when he parted the Red Sea. I wonder if Moses could break boards with his hand. Probably. But I digress.

It’s not really a liquid, though. Glass, that is. I believe the Red Sea actually is. Liquid, that is. That’s why you can wash a window without it washing away. And you can break glass with your fingers without breaking your fingers. You might get a cut though, which would never happen if glass were a liquid. Although that could explain the red of the Red Sea. I wonder if Moses cut his finger while parting the Red Sea. Probably not.

It probably felt very powerful, parting the Red Sea. Just like it feels to break glass with your fingers.


About Maggie C

Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.
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2 Responses to Breaking Glass with your Fingers

  1. kneal1 says:

    nice like the part of Moses getting wet

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