Weekend Coffee Share 10/16/16


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I’m not feeling very enthusiastic today. Which I guess is okay. It’s a dreary day in the Pacific Northwest. Yesterday had been forecast to see the “Storm of the Decade” roll in from the Pacific Ocean, remnants of Typhoon Songda. Heavy rainfall and high winds were expected to wreak extensive damage along the coastline and inland to the urban areas of Seattle, WA and Portland, OR.

There was indeed some damage: fallen trees, power outages and some flooding; but not nearly as severe as had been forecast. Which I’m sure is no consolation for those who did experience loss.

But maybe that’s what’s contributing to my sense of letdown. Anxiousness and uncertainty was draining on my energy and now there’s no major outcome to justify the concerns. The adrenaline of anticipated danger had nowhere to go since no immediate emergency presented itself for me to address. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Although that’s what it sounds like. Hmmm…

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that my dog Chules couldn’t wait to go outside once the worst of the storm passed and I felt relatively confident that he wouldn’t get hit by falling branches. I think he enjoyed the feeling of the strong winds ruffling through his thick fur. As for me, I was content to stay indoors and watch the rain.

I suppose I should step away from the computer and try to do something constructive around the house. That would probably lift my mood. Even though we averted the Storm of the Decade, there will be many dark, cloudy, windy, rainy days ahead this fall and winter. And spring.

I think Pacific Northwesterners were meant to hibernate through the dark winter months, but then someone invented electricity to keep our days lighted and warm. And then someone invented mortgages and car payments and other responsibilities which the bears and rodents and other mammals that hole up for the winter have wisely not encumbered themselves with.

Thanks for stopping by for coffee. Hopefully the weather and I will be less dreary next weekend. Until then, let’s stay warm and dry, and remember to go out and let the wind ruffle our hair a bit. Chules highly recommends it.


Thanks to Diana at ParttimeMonsterBlog.com for hosting the #weekendcoffeeshare.

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8 Responses to Weekend Coffee Share 10/16/16

  1. I followed the storm as it blew into the coast. I will remember the Columbus Day storm and find it hard to believe it was 50 years ago. I am glad you had no problems from the weather Yesterday remnants of the storm passed through this area. Have a pleasant week.

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  2. cosistories says:

    I love that top picture and how the rain on the window gives it a watercolor painting look.

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  3. That’s so true, though, about the ironic anticlimax. No shame in it. Just regular old human psychology. I guess the key is to be ready with an alternate outlet if the disaster never comes? 😉

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