Glass Gallery

Original designs and craftsmanship by M C Cochran.

All designs and images © M C Cochran, 2015-2022.

Click on any image to view gallery in slideshow mode.

15 Responses to Glass Gallery

  1. Peggy Lemmer says:

    Beautiful! Favorites, maybe in order, Metamorphosis, Broken Glass, 11th Hour, Canid.

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  2. This is a most excellent and impressive gallery. I love so many of these and will give you my top 5 in comments under the selected items. I’ll be happy to see more of your work on this blog.

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  4. These are really beautiful. We have a friend here in our Spanish Sierra who does stained glass and gets paid! Often for the churches but also commissioned by families and some of her own. We also visited Chartres two years ago. Must be spiritual home of stained glass. Can’t remember if I did a post but I know I took lots of photos in the museum. Early works and a wonderful contemporary exhibition. Enjoy, your work looks very beautiful.

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