Wordless Wednesday 1.24.18


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter W — water

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high tide

blue wave rolling in
smashes rocks and carves steep cliffs
nests shells in soft sand

blue wave 18

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Standing Still

Standing still
Still standing







The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Silence

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You wished me sweet dreams
Subconscious had other plans
Can I wake up now?


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day dreams

balmy sky

balmy winter day
sun’s warmth stirs dreams of spring in
hibernating souls

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One Spoke


I am but one spoke in the wheel.
I carry only a small portion of the load.
The wheel could function without me.
It sustains itself as a whole.

I am but one spoke in the wheel.
I do my part.
I carry my share of the load.
I hold strong.

We are but spokes in a wheel.
We support one another.
We rely on one another.
We work together to carry a load that
none of us could sustain on our own.

Without each spoke,
the wheel weakens.
Without us all, the wheel would collapse.
The vehicle’s motion would cease.

We cannot steer the vehicle.
We must rely on other mechanisms to
choose our direction.
We must trust in others, as others trust in us.

Together, in faith, we make the journey.


The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Weathered

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Sometimes growth isn’t about new beginnings and fresh starts.
Sometimes it’s about perseverance through tough times,
when stagnation would be so much easier;
giving up easier still.

Sometimes growth comes with refusing to wilt.


The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Growth

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