Shiny Things


The Daily Post weekly photo challenge topic this week is Shine.

The challenge as posed:

Has something bright or reflective caught your eye in the moment? Share a photo of something you were able to explore a bit!

When I was considering what “shiny” things I had seen lately, I remembered the creek where I had hiked a couple of weeks ago. I looked through the photos I had taken that day. Even though it was a cloudy morning, the light of day reflected off the water as it rippled over the smooth rocks of the river bed, creating a shiny ribbon that rolled past me and disappeared into the lush greenery crowding its banks.


But I kept reviewing photos and came across a set that I took just two days ago, but had not really given any thought to after loading them onto my laptop. I had arrived at an appointment early, and rather than sit in the office waiting room, I walked down the second floor hallway to where I could see light coming in through a window.

Through the window was a view of a rain gutter attached to a first floor roof overhang. Leaves had blocked some of the rainwater from flowing into the downspouts, and it made a shiny thin line reflecting the (once again) cloudy sky. Of course I took a photo.


When I turned away from the window, I saw a drinking fountain with two brass and steel basins reflected off a mirrored back splash. Shiny indeed! And of course I took photos.


That is, until I saw a woman watching me through a nearby office door. Her expression was that of someone about to call security to report a loiterer taking random photos of plumbing fixtures. Not shiny at all. I retreated down the hallway to my designated office waiting room.

I wish more things in my life were shiny. My car… my windows…  I should probably stop photographing rain gutters and do something about that. Maybe on the next sunshiny day. Around here, that pretty much gives me until July to get it done.