down to earth

heaven on earth 2

When I am grounded in Mother
winged creatures fly above
sonorous bugles herald nearby wildlife
countless stars shimmer in the midnight sky
breezes whisper age old wisdoms
cleansing water renews my soul
and my skin is warmed by a sun that has
watched over me since the beginning of
my time.

It is then that I know I have
descended into

heaven on earth

The Daily Post’s daily one-word prompt: Descend

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Composed Composer


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Letters W and X: eXterior Window

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Wordless Wednesday 5.17.17


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acorn to oak

squirrel planted you
sun, rain, and soil nurtured you
I will protect you

The Daily Post one-word prompt: Collaboration

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Weekend Coffee Share 5.13.17


If we were having coffee, I’d be pretty stoked to show you the progress in my DIY kitchen redo. You might be stoked to be able to make it to the kitchen without having to don a hardhat, steel-toed boots and a nail-proof vest.

I’m far from done, but it’s starting to look like a kitchen again. Since you are only here virtually, I’ll share “before” and “now” photos:








I still need to paint and hang cabinet doors and tend to a number of small items, but the big parts are done, at least on this side of the kitchen. The opposite side is still a mess. If I showed you “before” and “now” photos of that side, you’d think I was losing ground instead of gaining. So let’s just look at this side of the kitchen and pretend the other side doesn’t exist. Except for the coffee pot, of course.

I wanted to get the project to a point where the kitchen is functional again, and then be able to focus on other interests for a while. Like my yard.

There are so many outdoor project ideas I have for this summer, if the weather would only cooperate. For now I just stand at my rain-spattered window and watch all the growing things beckon to me to come out and play.  Then when I realize their “beckoning” is just from the wind and rain pelting the plants into a desperate frenzy, I wrap my sweater a bit tighter to ward off the chill and return to the kitchen for another cup of coffee.  And maybe a bit of touch up painting.


Thanks for stopping by and letting me carry on about my DIY doings. It might not look all that impressive to some, but I’m having fun trying out new skills and ideas and just seeing what unfolds. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I just saw my dog run by with a pie tin in his mouth. I really need to get those cabinet doors hung.

#WeekendCoffeeShare is generously hosted by Emily at  Hop on over to see what others are sharing over coffee this weekend. 

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Park at your own Risk


One might think discovering a bunch of tree limbs on your car would be rather disconcerting; fortunately not the case here.

The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Reflecting
Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: letters S or T (T for trees)

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Wordless Wednesday 5.10.17




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