flame reaches skyward
held captive by earthbound wick
in a sea of wax

The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Ascend

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All that Sparkles


All that glitters is not gold.

Sometimes it’s much better!


The Daily Post daily prompt: Sparkle

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placid storm


The calm before the storm is often mistaken for
the calm after the storm.
There is serenity to be found in both calms, and perhaps
even within the storm itself.


The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Serene

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Wordless Wednesday 11.28.17




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Transformation: Pet to Portrait

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is around the theme of “Transformation.”

A new undertaking for me is turning pet portraits into stained glass representations; a transformation from photo to cartoon pattern to stained glass panel! And even the finished project is transformed with every change of lighting throughout the day.

Take a look!


“Brisco” Photo courtesy of Peggy Lemmer


Pattern I drew of Brisco based on the photo above


Completed stained glass panel of Brisco based on the pattern


Same panel, seen through different lighting.

Bonus photo: Brisco (top) with my eskie Chules.

brisco and chules

Stained glass animal portraits will soon be available on my Etsy shop, Glass Manifest. Interested? Go to  and click on the “Contact shop owner” button,  or email me direct at

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Wordless Wednesday 11.22.17


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in honor

dad army (2)

You look so young
smiling nervously for the camera
quite handsome in your new uniform

A farm boy called to fight in a war
a world away from the Oklahoma crossroads
where you grew up

You told us about the time
you got shot in the arm
You said the nurse was really nice and
the needle didn’t hurt too much

We laughed at your joke
but knew you escaped heavy combat
only by a twist of fate
and a revised timetable

You came home and raised a family and
taught us to appreciate life
No lectures; you taught by example

We learned civics and civility and
truthfulness and trustworthiness
We learned to honor the honorable
and to try… try… not to judge

I’m not the most stalwart patriot
but I cry at parades
when the flag bearers pass by
in their crisp uniforms


and I hold my hand over my heart
in respect for the flag, and I
remember that some fathers or mothers,
sisters or brothers, sons or daughters
didn’t come home

and I vow to raise my family, and
teach them civics and civility and
truthfulness and trustworthiness

… and honor


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