how can one be so…
not to see the greenery
for rapacity

(or the forest for the greed?)


The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Dense

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Wordless Wednesday, 3.29.17


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you were wise to hide
winter’s storms proved autumn’s threats
spring bids reappear


The Daily Post daily prompt: Purple

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Weekend Coffee Share 3/25/17


If we were having coffee… well, we wouldn’t be able to make it to the kitchen right now, but I’d invite you around back. I’ve got the hose set up, so I can offer you water. I could wash out that cute little flower pot for a mug.

No? Okay, well come around back anyway, and I’ll show you what I’ve been up to.
Remember that little concrete countertop I poured a couple of weeks ago? Well, I worked on grinding and finishing it this week. And now it’s going to be a very shiny stepping stone for the yard somewhere.

Apparently there’s a kind of sweet spot with concrete finishing, right when it gets that nice smooth sheen, and before it begins getting really shiny and starts revealing even more pits than what one has already sanded out. I was going for a shiny look, and managed to polish my way right past that smooth sweet spot.

With proper training, experience and equipment, I suppose there are subtler nuances between finishing stages, but I lack all of the above. Hey, it was fun, though, and I haven’t given up!

Today, I gave it another go ‘round with a pour-in-place top. Same size as the first one, but this time instead of doing all the dirty work in the garage and then bringing it into the house to install, I built the mold right onto the counter surface and poured the concrete directly into its final resting place, doing all the dirty work in the kitchen.


Hence the inaccessibility. It’s a small space to begin with, but once you’ve pulled both the fridge and the stove away from the walls, and have slopped impromptu concrete speed bumps all over the floor, well… I guess I’ll be going out for my morning coffees this coming week.

I’ll likely remove the forms on Wednesday, and assuming it’s functional, I’ll begin grinding and polishing. This time I’m going for that smooth sheen. Let’s hope I get it right. A girl can only use so many stepping stones.

Have a great week! Maybe I’ll see you at the coffee shop.

P.S. — If you notice that Chules looks a little straggly, it’s because he chose to take on the water hose while I was rinsing off my tools in the back yard. Despite what he tries to claim, I did NOT start a water fight! (I did win it, though. 😉  )

#WeekendCoffeeShare is hosted by Emily at Head on over to see what others are sharing this weekend. They probably won’t make you drink from the hose. 

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snow off roof

winter slipped away
like snow from a thawing roof
finally it’s spring

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The Green Green Glass of Home

green glass2

green glass1

The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: It IS Easy Being Green!

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Have you hugged your water today?

water day1

Yesterday, we observed the International Day of Forests, and I posted some lovely photos of forests to show my appreciation of nature’s beauty.

Today is World Water Day. And while I am posting photos of beautiful water scenes, I want to acknowledge that today is not so much about appreciation as it is about preservation and protection and working to make clean water available for the survival of life on this planet.


This morning as my coffee was percolating – well, dripping – I was running the water in my kitchen sink, waiting for it to turn hot so I could fill my mug to warm it up before pouring my first cup of coffee for the day. I was thinking about what a waste of water this was and thinking about places in the world that are experiencing major droughts right now. But there was a disconnect between watching the clean water swoosh down my drain and finding any way to help those lacking such luxury.

water day 2

This was before I read that it was World Water Day today. That was before I realized that issues surrounding clean and available water are so much more complex.

The theme for 2017’s World Water Day is “wastewater,” but I’m not going to post photos of that. I worked for a short while at a wastewater treatment plant, and believe me, it’s not pretty.

The World Water Day website states that:

“Globally, over 80% of the wastewater generated by society flows back into the ecosystem without being treated or reused.”

You can check out this fact sheet for additional deplorable statistics, and for the good news of how that can be turned around.

water day 3

Food for thought today. Or water for thought, I guess.

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