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Metamorphosis ~ a slide show

The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Story

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high tide

blue wave rolling in smashes rocks and carves steep cliffs nests shells in soft sand

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Three Arches in Black & White

When I saw the subject for this week’s Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge, I knew I had the perfect photo. The theme this week is “Arches, Domes and Half Circles.” So here’s a photo of a half-circle window that … Continue reading

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Imagine that

Oh, there you are! My imaginary friend! I’m glad you showed up. I’m feeling a bit sad today. Well, maybe not “sad” so much… just lonely, I guess. Anyway, now that you’re here, let’s play! Wanna sing songs? It’s extra … Continue reading

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and per se and

We’ve made it through the #AtoZChallenge, and hopefully you enjoyed it as much as I did. But wait! There’s that 27th letter of the alphabet: &. The ampersand is a ligature of the letters “e” and “t,” for the Latin word … Continue reading

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Weekend Coffee Share 4.23.17

If we were having coffee… I’d offer you decaf tea today instead. It’s a bit late in the day for me to have caffeine, and herbal tea sounds comforting on this dreary, cold Sunday. My mood is rather dreary to … Continue reading

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plate of plain pancakes pour maple syrup on top plain turns to pleasure   P is for pancake. #AtoZChallenge: 26 posts in April, topics to proceed alphabetically. Theme optional.  My theme: a three-line poem each day (5-7-5, haiku form) with the first … Continue reading

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