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cloudy or clear

darkness enshrouds us stars expand our horizons nighttime clouds decide JNW’s Halloween Challenge: night

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night shade

He leans into the centuries-old oak, Stetson pulled low over his pale, gaunt face. On a clear night, moonlight reflects off his well-worn trousers. When it rains, he waits there nonetheless, arms crossed against the cold. We’ve never spoken, although … Continue reading

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Halloween Challenge Day One: Pumpkin

I’m having another go this year at JNW’s Halloween Challenge, which involves a post a day through October of assigned Halloween themes. The month begins with “pumpkin.” giant gorgeous gourd pumpkin puree on the path a smashing success

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so many layers light and dark, near and distant each tells a new tale The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Layered

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dry spell ends

glorious rainfall wash away the tainted air smoke-filled from wildfires glorious rainfall trees sigh and flex yearning roots sun-baked leaves unfurl glorious rainfall cleanse my heart of hard-packed ills slake my thirsting soul The Daily Post daily one-word prompt: Glorious

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don’t bite the hand that feeds you you may go hungry if you do don’t bite the bee that buzzes you you’ll be biting off more than you can chew The Daily Post daily one-word prompt: Sting

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Glassic Complaint

trapped in my own pane cut me loose before I crack waiting for a break My stained glass project waits for my return.  The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Waiting

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