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Along life’s path we cobble together experiences, lessons learned, loves lost and found. Some leave no stone unturned in their search for meaning. Others piece their stones together along an uneven trail, and do not mind when moss gathers to … Continue reading

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Street Names

From the dVerse blog for Tuesday Poetics: May 29, 2018: “Here’s what I want you to use tonight as inspiration for your poem. I’ve listed some street names for you, and I want you to imagine what the street is … Continue reading

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Rush Hour

I should have taken the I-5 freeway, I tell myself even as I commit to the onramp of I-84 East. Traffic is at a crawl as drivers jockey to merge into the three eastbound lanes. I choose the center lane. … Continue reading

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with you — unseen (a contrapuntal)

Sometimes I see that you are sad, upset… In pain I don’t know what to say, other than, “I’m sorry.” you retreat, You say, “It’s okay. It’s not your fault.” lick your wounds We both know that it’s not. Not … Continue reading

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Dog Weather

Come outside, it’s raining! Damp tree scents tickle our noses; delicious, earthy chills. Raindrops splash in puddles. Watch them dance; taste the freshness. Hear the rain trickle through moss-furred branches overhead. Feel the wet soaking in. Then back inside to … Continue reading

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Tall Order

HEROES WANTED Must have crisp capes and masks with just the right balance of intrigue and mystery. Must have superpowers of seeing through rumors, lies and half-truths; and leaping over small thoughts, imposed barriers and festering hatred. Must be unflinching … Continue reading

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“Will you deliver the sermon?” he asks me. One Sunday a year, the pastor teaches Sunday School and asks parishioners to lead the worship service in his stead. Ha! Me? Preach a sermon? I preach to my kids all the time, mostly … Continue reading

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