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In the Stars

I was debating with my daughter the other day as to whether I might be an alien, (something to do with my long toes), and I was reminded of this piece I wrote in 2013 for my original (now defunct) … Continue reading

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Bird Talk

Day Two NaPoWriMo prompt: Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem based on a word featured in a tweet from Haggard Hawks, an account devoted to obscure and interesting English words.  I used the tweet pictured below, which … Continue reading

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Bloganuary prompt: What do people incorrectly assume about you? Others may assume that I am unassuming, but my assumption that they assume so would, indeed, make their assumption incorrect, would it not? It is more likely that I assume things … Continue reading

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Dogs Make Me Laugh

Bloganuary prompt: What makes you laugh?

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To my Teenage Self

It’s January, and so begins the #Bloganuary Challenge from WordPress, where participants are given a daily prompt for blogging inspiration. Today’s prompt: What advice would you give to your teenage self? So here goes. Dear Teenage Me: Look at you! … Continue reading

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Tattle Tail

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Life Choices

Careening go I to the depths of my soul To deliberate questions upon me bestowed. Ponderous options, I’m bowed with the weight. Considerations not dared left to fate. The myriad choices, I – “Ma’am? Your decision?” “Chocolate. No. Vanilla. No. … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Douglas Aster

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Strange Bedfellows

Smudging windows with your nose, Marring floors with dirty toes, Shedding on the furniture, Crud you’ve rolled in cakes your fur. Snoring, scratching, snorts and whines, Odors one cannot define, So many things best left unsaid, For now, it’s late. … Continue reading

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The Afterbeat Waltz

[to the Tune of the Tennessee Waltz (two-three) (one-two and-a)] When I was Seventeen High school band Agony Playing the French horn, you See (two-three), (one-two) while the Rest of the Instruments Soared with the Melody I got the Slow … Continue reading

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