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constructing constructs contradicts simplifying simplification Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Lines and Angles

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Lost and Found

The spider works quickly to get the larger insect wrapped within its web. The insect doesn’t struggle; it may be dead. But the web is in tatters and shakes violently every time the spider moves. I watch the action, hoping … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday 5.08.19

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In Between

In those moments between asleep and awake, with dreams still sweet upon our tongues, their fragrance lingering in our minds, that is the time to decide if we are dreaming awake or dreaming asleep, and whether we want to keep … Continue reading

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First Thoughts #1: Sarasponda

Sarasponda, sarasponda, Sarasponda ret set set Sarasponda, sarasponda, Sarasponda ret set set. A doray-oh, A doray boomday-oh A doray-boomday ret set set Ah-say pah-say oh. Remember the Sarasponda song? Apparently, I do. I learned it forty years ago when I … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday 5.1.19

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Day 30, the final day of the month, and the final day of NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month). After today, the goal will be to keep the creativity flowing. We’ll see how that goes. Today’s prompt: I’d like you to … Continue reading

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