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Wordless Wednesday 7.18.18

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Vice and Virtue

I am greedy for your charity. I lust after your chastity. While some may call me slothful, I prefer “procrastinatory.” I admit I’m green with envy at your temperate humility. and yet I take great pride in times my wrath … Continue reading

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that voice

Like an itch in my psyche, your insults taunt me. In truth, am I that abhorrent? Niggling accusations, crippling judgments, peripheral flashes of forgotten shame… That and more, you say. We’ve only scratched the surface. I really hate the sound … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday 6.13.18

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on wings

Scissors in one hand, hen in the other, a couple of quick snips and the wing tips swirl to the ground. Keeps ‘em from ‘flying the coop’, the farmer says. He releases the hen. She takes a moment to regain … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday, 6.6.18

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Five Years Cancer Free!

Originally posted on Susie Lindau's Wild Ride:
Whew! Talk about a breast cancer marathon. From the shocking diagnosis to my double boobectomies, the implants of my bionic boobs and subsequent challenges of taking estrogen-suppressing and depressing pills, I’ve finally…

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