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Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.


First fire, then calm hues. Look to the sunrise this day. Hope dawns for us all.

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thunderbolt black sky lightning flash flood waters rise tears fall from on high

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Okay, I’m giving this another shot… I have a hate — hate relationship with the new WordPress Editor. Seems everything looks fine when I post something, but when it goes out to email subscribers, it ends up a mess. This … Continue reading

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Imposter Syndrome

My thoughtsskip across the surface ofa densely overgrown pond,then vanish – plop! –beneath the surfaceas ripples flee the scene. Your thoughtssearch the shadowed depths ofancient wells, then reemergeglistening with brilliance andshedding droplets of sagacityto quench the thirsts of all who … Continue reading

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Revolt – ing

Don’t turn your head and dab your eyes. Face square the scene, then raise your cries. Such treachery we must defy, prosecute and rectify. The People’s House they desecrate. Within its halls they defecate. Seditious cowards’ acts of hate true … Continue reading

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life song

play all the octaves highs and lows create the score melodies of life

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tear gas, shattered glass; bloodshed, no shred of honor. Winter in my soul.

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Retirement Home

I’m going to build a solid house, Good bones to frame it straight and true Upon which fasten seasoned boards The outside elements to subdue.   It shan’t be graced with gingerbread that merely mildews in the rain, or gargoyles … Continue reading

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The idea of the new landscape undertaking was to plant only native species and ultimately do away with all conventional lawn surrounding my house. I began with my side yard, covering the grass and weeds with cardboard and spreading layers … Continue reading

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Beware of snakes selling snake oil, especially if you frequent the same dens.

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