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Murmur Murmur

Well, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? But here I am, back in Stanza-land, and what better way to come back than a writing prompt from the folks at dVerse? Today, Sarah challenges us to choose from a number of paintings … Continue reading

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NaPoWriMo Day Three. Today’s prompt: “This one is a bit complex, so I saved it for a Sunday. It’s a Spanish form called a “glosa” – literally a poem that glosses, or explains, or in some way responds to another … Continue reading

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Bird Talk

Day Two NaPoWriMo prompt: Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem based on a word featured in a tweet from Haggard Hawks, an account devoted to obscure and interesting English words.  I used the tweet pictured below, which … Continue reading

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Third and Counting

I’m hoping to end up with one of these for each of my grandkids. Here are the previous two:

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Road Trip

Bloganuary Prompt for January 2: What is a road trip you would like to take? I’m not much of a traveler. I find plenty of adventure right in my own back yard. Literally. Now, my definition of adventure may not … Continue reading

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Life Choices

Careening go I to the depths of my soul To deliberate questions upon me bestowed. Ponderous options, I’m bowed with the weight. Considerations not dared left to fate. The myriad choices, I – “Ma’am? Your decision?” “Chocolate. No. Vanilla. No. … Continue reading

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Sticks and Crones

“You’re such a witch!” As if that’s a bad thing? I stifle a laugh, plot with which potion your coffee to taint. Insult me at will, I’ve been called much worse. My cauldron erupts effervescently. “You’re such a witch!” I … Continue reading

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Sum(mit) of All Fears

Pulling my truck to the side of the road, I double check my navigation app. Did it really mean for me to leave the highway and head up this steep and narrow hairpin road, where trees are flocked by snow … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block

I open my stats page, already knowing I’ll see lots of blank spots on the calendar that indicates whether I’ve posted to my blog on any given day. It’s been a dry summer, weatherwise and creative writing-wise. Now the autumn … Continue reading

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Low clouds loom, dooming twilight into gloom, dusk into the blackness of a hidden-moon nocturnal tomb. Garish winds grow more incessant, effervescent, iridescent; raging, though irrelevant as I insist on lingering, beneath the skies that ravage me; notwithstanding tendencies to … Continue reading

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