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sewing discord

threading through the clouds jets rip the sky asunder contrails hide the tears

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On Time

Who invented time? I mean, really… before there were calendars and watches and birthdays and scheduling apps and • b • u • l • l • e • t journals, who decided we need to slice and dice our … Continue reading

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winter solstice wish: may lessons learned in years past guide the year to come

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A Toast to Childhood

“Cheers, everyone!” Glasses raise in salute. “Clink glasses!” a child calls. Same granddaughter who clapped and “yay”ed following a somber hymn at my dad’s funeral. That’s how her performances are received. I smile and bend down toward her happy face. … Continue reading

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love sinks — magnetic poetry

Brilliant stars kiss the sky. Fevered ocean steams. I picture amore’s caramel eyes, and listen for secret embrace. Cheating dog, so long. Velvet smoke almost gone. Somber, I will heal, then fly.

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world afire

Had we only raked the forest floors we could have stopped the fires. If we built a higher wall, tear gas wouldn’t cross the border. There is no global warming; can’t you feel the cold rain falling on the fallen? … Continue reading

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The Big Reveal

It is weeks in the making. First the design is conceived, drawn and copied for a pattern to attach to the worktable. Glass is selected by color, texture, opacity… or sometimes simply availability and affordability. The glass is cut, ground … Continue reading

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