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Dog Walk on a Drizzly Day

The gray sky is low, pushing down on me as my dog and I sidestep puddles in our path. A sense of sadness seeps onto me, settling like heavy mist on a wool coat. Unexplainable loneliness rises up as though … Continue reading

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Magnet Poem #4

a lazy rain-beat symphony, luscious and raw through shadowy mist. a forest sings of dreams and time, and I recall how sweet spring moonlight smells.

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Five Things

Bloganuary prompt: What are five things you are grateful for today? I am grateful that I woke up to a rosy sunrise, And for the beauty of early morning frost Oh, wait… time out! I started this post yesterday, but … Continue reading

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gurgling downspout serenades my sleepless night I long for crickets

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Rain drops, water falls. Sometimes it gets sloshed and spills. Clumsy H2O.

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Dog Weather

Come outside, it’s raining! Damp tree scents tickle our noses; delicious, earthy chills. Raindrops splash in puddles. Watch them dance; taste the freshness. Hear the rain trickle through moss-furred branches overhead. Feel the wet soaking in. Then back inside to … Continue reading

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placid storm

The calm before the storm is often mistaken for the calm after the storm. There is serenity to be found in both calms, and perhaps even within the storm itself. The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Serene

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Weekend Wildcard: All Decked Out

I knew my deck project was a lost cause when I started. Having determined that there was more rotten wood than good, I should have followed everyone’s advice and torn the thing down. But I was determined that I could … Continue reading

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raindrops wash away residue from dusty day rinse and let hang dry The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Earth  R is for rain. #AtoZChallenge: 26 posts in April, topics to proceed alphabetically. Theme optional.  My theme: a three-line poem each day … Continue reading

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in the name of winter

grey sky pushes down rain-pocked total immersion baptism for spring The Daily Post daily prompt: Immerse

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