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placid storm

The calm before the storm is often mistaken for the calm after the storm. There is serenity to be found in both calms, and perhaps even within the storm itself. The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Serene

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down to earth

When I am grounded in Mother winged creatures fly above sonorous bugles herald nearby wildlife countless stars shimmer in the midnight sky breezes whisper age old wisdoms cleansing water renews my soul and my skin is warmed by a sun … Continue reading

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squirrel planted you sun, rain, and soil nurtured you I will protect you The Daily Post one-word prompt: Collaboration

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Loud Noises

The lawn mower rattles disconcertingly as I push it into the tall grass of my back yard. A vague image crosses my mind of the mower blade coming loose and hurling treacherously into space like errant nunchucks, and I remind … Continue reading

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Wish No More

it’s a puzzle how the picture comes together one piece at a time I used to have a lot of wishes. I wished to be independently wealthy, to be a published author or a renowned artist (or both!). I wished … Continue reading

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in a fog

must I become enlightened before the fog will lift? or must the fog lift before I can see the light?

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simple pleasures

stretch your limbs at dawn squish soft earth between your roots whisper to the breeze

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