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The Big Reveal

It is weeks in the making. First the design is conceived, drawn and copied for a pattern to attach to the worktable. Glass is selected by color, texture, opacity… or sometimes simply availability and affordability. The glass is cut, ground … Continue reading

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backward glance

pause in quietude answer held in gentle mind the question will come Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Flowing Water

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morning stirs

The clock shows six a.m. Maybe. My eyes don’t quite focus first thing in the morning. My dog Chules has awakened me with his gentle “woof” from halfway down the hall. I don’t know how he expects me to hear … Continue reading

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on wings

Scissors in one hand, hen in the other, a couple of quick snips and the wing tips swirl to the ground. Keeps ‘em from ‘flying the coop’, the farmer says. He releases the hen. She takes a moment to regain … Continue reading

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Three Traps

I it’s a trap, you say like I’m trying to bait you I don’t hunt for sport II shut your trap, she says I comply, as I’m the prey ensnared in her game III trapped within a web intersecting lies … Continue reading

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winter drift

flakes drift from night sky snow drift builds against my sill I drift off to sleep Cee’s Black & White photo challenge: chilled

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this wall

can you imagine a wall that keeps us apart when we stand so near In 1982, I visited the Berlin Wall that separated West Berlin from East Germany. The original wall was erected unannounced in the dead of night on … Continue reading

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