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Weekend Wildcard (Flashback #2: Brushing off my Faith)

This is my second time of re-posting from a no longer active blog I started in 2012. The blog was my way of working through a rather severe episode of depression. My purpose in revisiting the “old” me is — … Continue reading

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Weekend Wildcard (Flashback #1: Free Fall)

In 2012, I began my first of many blogs, entitled “Lifting the Weight.” Seems like eons ago. I looked this week and was surprised to see the blog still sitting out there in the ether, looking none the worse for … Continue reading

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In Passing

We met at the park, the one where a paved trail winds around an open grass field. He walked his tiny black poodle in one direction. I walked my midsize white Eskie in the other, and we would cross paths, … Continue reading

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Alone Time

Chules is sick today. I can hear his tummy roiling from across the room. He’s been in- and outside at least a dozen times since morning. When I let him out, he beelines to the side yard fence, and tries … Continue reading

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dog days of winter

The gravel path encircling the dog park is churned to mud. Wood chips, spread last season to fill in low spots, now form a waterlogged sponge underfoot. The sky, pale blue and cloudless, does not belie that we are in … Continue reading

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The Big Reveal

It is weeks in the making. First the design is conceived, drawn and copied for a pattern to attach to the worktable. Glass is selected by color, texture, opacity… or sometimes simply availability and affordability. The glass is cut, ground … Continue reading

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Old but New

I don’t know when the original hardwood flooring was covered with carpet. Times change. Tastes change. A beautiful, gleaming oak floor in the mid-fifties came – over time – to be seen as an outdated, cold, hard to maintain surface. … Continue reading

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