spitting on the fire

With July’s record-breaking high temperatures here, it’s been frustrating and – truth be told – rather depressing to watch flowers in my native plant garden wilt before reaching full bloom and then turn end-of-summer brown without setting seeds.

What happens, I wonder, if annuals can’t reseed themselves? What happens if birds and other critters have no seeds to tide them through the coming winter? What happens when spring pollinators show up and find but a few flowers to feed upon?

I do what I can for my small domain. I water the roots of my plants; can’t do much for the sunburned leaves. This fall I will plant more natives. In the winter I will feed the birds. Next spring, I will build a fountain of some sort to provide reliable water for thirsty creatures passing through my yard.

Sometimes my efforts feel quite satisfying, like I’m giving back to the planet. Lately, it just feels like someone trying to extinguish a forest fire with spit.

leather brown leaves curled

fists shaking at the August sun

give us a reprieve

dVerse haibun Monday: August

About Maggie C

Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.
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12 Responses to spitting on the fire

  1. rothpoetry says:

    Great haibun! It has been a hot one this year! Too hot for man or beast I say… Hopefully August will bring a reprieve.

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  2. Tzvi Fievel says:

    “I do what I can for my small domain.”

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  3. I feel for your plants, and the animals upon which they depend! Yes, the “dog days of summer” ironically can sadden as well as delight. You capture so vividly the effects of a hot August! Great work!

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  4. Beverly Crawford says:

    It has been a scorching summer for many areas. Somehow, annuals manage to replenish themselves for cooler summers to come. Take hope in that!

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  5. This is wonderful, Maggie! We each do what we can. I am thinking of a fountain for m backyard as well.

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  6. I felt that. Forest fire with spit, indeed. You’re doing what you can. That fountain will be lovely, I’m sure.

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