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Half Life

We likely all know the trope of whether a half-filled glass of water is half full or half empty. In truth, the glass is completely full: half water and half air. Both are vital to our survival.  Like the cycles … Continue reading

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Sticks and Crones

“You’re such a witch!” As if that’s a bad thing? I stifle a laugh, plot with which potion your coffee to taint. Insult me at will, I’ve been called much worse. My cauldron erupts effervescently. “You’re such a witch!” I … Continue reading

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Blue Sky

The morning is spent, and me with it. Hours of pulling weeds, spreading wood chips, planning which shrubs to transplant where… Some call it gardening. It’s blatant manipulation, really; rearranging earth’s flora to satisfy human aesthetic. From my chair on … Continue reading

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wheat from chaff gold flakes from silt truth from lies me from you dVerse poets poetics: Wheat

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He smelled of pipe tobacco, Prince Albert to be precise. His soft jaw with a half day’s stubble looked scratchy, but I never ventured to touch it and find out. A dark amber bottle – Blitz beer — perpetually clamped … Continue reading

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