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Please Fasten Your Seat Belts

Today it is cold, wet and windy outside. From my living room, I watch jets coming in low as they approach PDX three miles to the south of my home. Usually they are high up and flying due south when … Continue reading

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you were wise to hide winter’s storms proved autumn’s threats spring bids reappear The Daily Post daily prompt: Purple

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preaching to the choir

Sincere words of courage and wisdom solicit resounding amens from the choir loft, and hallelujahs that reverberate through vacant pews and empty stares. The familiar message inspires those who came to sing along, and though not having fallen on deaf ears, … Continue reading

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Flash Forward

Things aren’t always what they seem. Things don’t always seem what they are. The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Mirror

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seed of light in dark seed of dark in light sowing interreliance   Y is for Yin-Yang.

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Circle Dance

Round moon makes its rounds around the round earth that moves ‘round the bright, round life-giving sun. Cyclical seasons grow the round bulbs of spring into round flowers in summer that round out colorful bouquets. ‘Round about autumn we round … Continue reading

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One Word Wednesday: Quietude

  Q is for Quietude.

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Manifest This!

I know, I know. I’ve done this rant before. But obviously I didn’t rant thoroughly enough to get it out of my system. So here we go: Manifest Rant, the Sequel. Manifest is a verb (used with object). It does … Continue reading

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One Word Wednesday: Kaleidoscope

  K is for Kaleidoscope.

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Jetsam: Lightening the Load

Flotsam, Jetsam & Lagan: sounds like a prestigious law firm, doesn’t it? Or maybe a 1960s folk rock group? But no, these terms have a more nautical theme. I’ll let explain: Flotsam — 1. the part of the wreckage … Continue reading

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