preaching to the choir


Sincere words of courage and wisdom
solicit resounding amens from the choir loft,
and hallelujahs that reverberate
through vacant pews and empty stares.

The familiar message inspires those
who came to sing along, and though
not having fallen on deaf ears, it nonetheless
does not reach the ears of its hoped-for audience.

A lackluster congregation adjourns
to the fellowship hall to await dispensation of
the promised coffee, cake and cookies.

But the coffee is cold, the cake is stale,
and the cookies have raisins
instead of chocolate chips.

And so it’s no wonder that,
after the uplifting words
heard by none save the choir,
the good folk in the fellowship hall
see no recourse other than a
cookie-hurling, and
food fight.

Let the Congress say…


Couldn’t Resist

About Maggie C

Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.
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