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Manifest This!

I know, I know. I’ve done this rant before. But obviously I didn’t rant thoroughly enough to get it out of my system. So here we go: Manifest Rant, the Sequel. Manifest is a verb (used with object). It does … Continue reading

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Pink Feathers

“Go in search of pink feathers,” commands the channeled spirit, “and you shall find them.” Indeed I did find them. They were on sale at a store right around the corner. Manifested just for me. Must be a common directive … Continue reading

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Dancing Water (photo essay)

Along a street that I have driven hundreds of times in the past, my eyes were drawn this morning to a water feature in front of an office building. The early morning sunlight sparkled brilliantly off the cascading stream that … Continue reading

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My current home is ninety-five miles upriver from the coast where I grew up. Had I allowed myself to merely drift, I would now be thirty-two leagues out to sea, floundering at the mercy and whims of capricious waves. Instead, I … Continue reading

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World Oceans Day (photo essay)

Expansive and deep, beautiful but volatile, ample force to turn vessels to splinters. Teeming with life, ceaselessly churning, an indefatigable dynamo. Kissed by the sun, caressed by the winds, extolled by poets and sailors alike. Sustainer of life as we … Continue reading

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On the Way

On my way today I paused to watch others who were on their way. I wonder when any of us will actually arrive, and whether we will even realize it once we do. Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

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If Only

If I only had wings, I tell myself longingly, I could explore so many new places, savor so many new sights, immerse myself in so many new adventures. Yes, I muse, sighing as I sink further into the soft cushions … Continue reading

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Spelling it Out

Assignment #3. Prompt: Trust. Form: Acrostic. Device: Internal Rhyme. Many think acquisition is what it’s about, Affirmational memes that give wishes more clout. No blindered belief can create from thin air. Intention sows seed, to be tended with care. Fruits … Continue reading

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Manifesting through Stained Glass

NOTE: This post was the first written for my now defunct blog Glass Manifestations. I have since folded many of the Glass posts into my What Rhymes with Stanza blog. Manifest — 3. verb (transitive) to show plainly; reveal or … Continue reading

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