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On Time

Who invented time? I mean, really… before there were calendars and watches and birthdays and scheduling apps and • b • u • l • l • e • t journals, who decided we need to slice and dice our … Continue reading

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Cycles: Winter

to flaunt it’s might and callous heart winter coils its heavy hand with whetted shards of tempered ice impales autumnal sleeping land in shocked surprise sap runs to ground bare limbs must hide in rooted place blending with gray-tinted skies … Continue reading

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Circle Dance

Round moon makes its rounds around the round earth that moves ‘round the bright, round life-giving sun. Cyclical seasons grow the round bulbs of spring into round flowers in summer that round out colorful bouquets. ‘Round about autumn we round … Continue reading

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We will embrace it steadfastly, safeguard it from strong winds, support it when heavy rains drench and weigh it down. We will shield it from winter snows, lift it beyond reach of those who might destroy it, oblivious to its … Continue reading

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