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Spring Harvest

As my native habitat garden takes shape, I’ve been drawn to it almost daily. In the wet fall I checked for problematic standing water at the base of the young crabapple tree and marveled at the resilience of rain-battered kinnikinnick. … Continue reading

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Season’s Greeting

Spring came early. Daffodils sent up blunt shoots. Yellow buds perched atop short stalks. Pushing right through autumn’s detritus, spring defied winter’s chilly winds.   But winter sent a heavy-handed greeting: a caress of snow, an icy kiss of welcome … Continue reading

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Cycles: Winter

to flaunt it’s might and callous heart winter coils its heavy hand with whetted shards of tempered ice impales autumnal sleeping land in shocked surprise sap runs to ground bare limbs must hide in rooted place blending with gray-tinted skies … Continue reading

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In Search of my Future Favorite Place

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is to “share an image of your happy place, a secret spot you love, or a faraway location you return to again and again.” Hmmm. I’ve thought about this for a couple of days … Continue reading

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Autumn Equinox

Today is the first day of autumn. In my hemisphere that signals shorter days, cooling weather, leaves turning color and then dropping, and animals preparing to hunker down for the cold, dark days to come. Autumn is my favorite time … Continue reading

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Down the Path in 2016

At the beginning of this year, instead of making New Year’s resolutions, I chose a theme for the year. My theme was “magic.” Of course by February I’d totally forgotten about the whole theme thing, but I would say that … Continue reading

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As One

intertwined we two seasons pass for me and you yet we dance as one   Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Seasons

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Haiku Twenty ~ Long Nights

winter solstice nears darkness ebbs and succumbs to springtime promises

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Haiku Sixteen ~ Autumn

leaves fall silently peaceful interlude belies leaf blower season

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