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Weekend Wildcard ~ Cowboy Style

My daughter texted me this morning: Question… if you asked me how I wanted my eggs and I said “cowboy style,” what would that mean to you? My answer (of course!) was “however they turn out.” She said that was … Continue reading

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Weekend Wildcard: deck update

I was looking back on previous posts on this site, and came across the horrendous photos I’d shared a few years ago of my rotting deck. Well, the photos weren’t really horrendous, I guess; the deck was. I had written … Continue reading

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Weekend Wildcard (Flashback #4: Breaking the Barrier)

[Flashback #4 is my re-posting from a blog I wrote several years ago about my struggles with depression. My purpose in revisiting the “old” me is to remind myself and any others who care to read, to “claim the positive energy … Continue reading

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Weekend Wildcard: All Decked Out

I knew my deck project was a lost cause when I started. Having determined that there was more rotten wood than good, I should have followed everyone’s advice and torn the thing down. But I was determined that I could … Continue reading

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Weekend Wildcard: Cuteness Break

This past week has been a tempest of chaos on many fronts and in many parts of the world. We are in the midst of very stressful times, and with 24/7 media, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all … Continue reading

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Weekend Wildcard: It’s All About Me

It’s a peaceful Sunday morning. Rain is drizzling outside after too long of a dry spell. The air smells fresher, the flowers are standing straighter… and three people were killed yesterday and many more injured as a result of a … Continue reading

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Weekend Wildcard: Failing the Pitchfork Test

It’s a sunny summer Saturday, and I’m sitting on my back deck enjoying the morning coolness before the day heats up. Technically, I have only three quarters of a deck right now. It seems that after 50 years, the wooden … Continue reading

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