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Weekend Wildcard: Failing the Pitchfork Test

It’s a sunny summer Saturday, and I’m sitting on my back deck enjoying the morning coolness before the day heats up. Technically, I have only three quarters of a deck right now. It seems that after 50 years, the wooden … Continue reading

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the hunter

a mighty hunter, hear my call stalking prey through grasses tall a stealthy panther, fangs and all disguised as house cat, tame and small lithe and sleek, I crouch and crawl elusive prey my quest may stall but read the … Continue reading

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Staying Focused

It’s challenging when you have a one-track mind trying to switch between several trains of thought whilst going full steam. (Yes, I railroaded that sentence to be engineered for maximum punnage.) With the improved weather, I’ve begun working on some … Continue reading

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Speed Read

objects in mirror are closer than they appear especially once you’ve finished reading all the mirror The Daily Post daily one-word prompt: Distant

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not too swift

snail murmuration slight delayed reaction time slow motion ballet The Daily Post daily prompt: Murmuration

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Body Dump

After multiple seasons of chipping my lawnmower blade on a chunk of concrete protruding from the grass at the very edge of my property, I decided one day to dig the offending obstruction out of the ground. I grabbed a … Continue reading

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green grass

The Daily Post Discover Challenge: Conventional Wisdom

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