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When I write

Bloganuary prompt: What do you like most about your writing? When I write, I can share parts of me that would have and will likely continue to be unspoken. I can share my sense of humor and remain blissfully unaware … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block

I open my stats page, already knowing I’ll see lots of blank spots on the calendar that indicates whether I’ve posted to my blog on any given day. It’s been a dry summer, weatherwise and creative writing-wise. Now the autumn … Continue reading

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Bookends (Slaking the Muse)

I began April’s National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) with a poem about “Waking the Muse.” Now thirty days later (and 30 poems, though not all were posted), I will bookend the month with a sequel to the first poem. Hence: … Continue reading

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To be, or never was…

I don’t get it, I say aloud though no one’s in the room save the dog. He tilts his head and gives me that quizzical look that could mean so many things. Or nothing at all. Today I am impatient and … Continue reading

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Waking the Muse

On the book shelf she’d hidden for nearly a year ‘mongst the likes of O. Henry and bard William Shakespeare. From her disheveled looks and the smell of stale beer, I assessed that some things are quite as they appear. … Continue reading

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Change is Afoot; Change is Ahead

Two years ago I began a blog about my favorite pastime, stained glass. In my first post, I indicated that the blog, Glass Manifestations, would be about: “glass (sort of) because working with glass is how I do a lot … Continue reading

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Writer’s Slump

muse swelters in heat thoughts slide limply from my mind melt on hot pavement

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Just a Line

“I can’t draw,” you say. Drawing is just lines. Line up your lines until they look like what you see in your mind.  “I can’t write,” you say. Writing is just lines. Line up your words until they say what … Continue reading

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Brain Dump

For a few months now, I’ve been writing “morning pages,” a concept introduced by author Julia Cameron In her book, The Artist’s Way. Basically it involves filling three pages of a journal each day upon first awakening with “stream of … Continue reading

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