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metaphors be damned alone in the faceless crowd, we weep behind our masks

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Third and Counting

I’m hoping to end up with one of these for each of my grandkids. Here are the previous two:

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PPAC #31: In the Woods

For Marsha’s Photographing Public Art Challenge. I wrote a post last August about the Evergreen Trail at Columbia Springs Environmental Education Center in Vancouver, WA. But I didn’t include photos of the wood carvings that can be found along the … Continue reading

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My favorite white subject for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge: the color white.

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The Many Faces of Bold

Bloganuary prompt: What does it mean to live boldly?

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Five Things

Bloganuary prompt: What are five things you are grateful for today? I am grateful that I woke up to a rosy sunrise, And for the beauty of early morning frost Oh, wait… time out! I started this post yesterday, but … Continue reading

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Bloganuary prompt: What do people incorrectly assume about you? Others may assume that I am unassuming, but my assumption that they assume so would, indeed, make their assumption incorrect, would it not? It is more likely that I assume things … Continue reading

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When I write

Bloganuary prompt: What do you like most about your writing? When I write, I can share parts of me that would have and will likely continue to be unspoken. I can share my sense of humor and remain blissfully unaware … Continue reading

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Dogs Make Me Laugh

Bloganuary prompt: What makes you laugh?

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Bloganuary prompt: Who is someone that inspires you, and why? You inspire me. Sometimes to be more like you, Sometimes to be not like you at all. Sometimes to be more like who I   know myself to truly be, … Continue reading

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