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Wordless Wednesday ~ Colorado

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Sculpture Garden (PPAC #38)

I recently visited the Vancouver, WA public library and came across the Mary Granger Sculpture Garden, a collection of four sculptures on the library property, all created by regional artists. I’ll share them here as part of Marsha’s Photographing Public … Continue reading

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Just One

For Cee’s Black and White photo Challenge (CBWC): just one of anything. I thought I heard a hawk of some sort the other day, so I stepped out on the deck to look for it. This squirrel was balled up … Continue reading

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metaphors be damned alone in the faceless crowd, we weep behind our masks

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Third and Counting

I’m hoping to end up with one of these for each of my grandkids. Here are the previous two:

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PPAC #31: In the Woods

For Marsha’s Photographing Public Art Challenge. I wrote a post last August about the Evergreen Trail at Columbia Springs Environmental Education Center in Vancouver, WA. But I didn’t include photos of the wood carvings that can be found along the … Continue reading

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My favorite white subject for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge: the color white.

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The Many Faces of Bold

Bloganuary prompt: What does it mean to live boldly?

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Five Things

Bloganuary prompt: What are five things you are grateful for today? I am grateful that I woke up to a rosy sunrise, And for the beauty of early morning frost Oh, wait… time out! I started this post yesterday, but … Continue reading

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Bloganuary prompt: What do people incorrectly assume about you? Others may assume that I am unassuming, but my assumption that they assume so would, indeed, make their assumption incorrect, would it not? It is more likely that I assume things … Continue reading

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