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Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.

2020 hindsight

sights – set high – blown off cours(ing) through air – a virus strain(s) humanity

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autumn dusk falls fast last the viewer now the viewed time to draw the shades

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foul weather

smoke-laced crisp fall fog like aftertastes of apple when the half-worm shows

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Poetic Injustice

Justice is blind, though inherently judgmental. My verdict awaits. COVID culls with dispassion guilty and guileless alike. dVerse MTB: Jisei (Japanese Death Poems)

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wheat from chaff gold flakes from silt truth from lies me from you dVerse poets poetics: Wheat

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Dog Walk

Yesterday you hugged the gravel path. Today you strayed into wildflowers and withers-high grass, nose working the air as though inhaling heaven itself. Tonight I’ll pull burrs from the long fur on your legs and bum. Tomorrow, who knows? With … Continue reading

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If you fail to shine your own light, the lights of others will determine the nature of the shadow you cast.

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Blue B’s

Beautiful blooming bluefields bounce, bob, bow. Balmy breezes brush by, blowing… bending. Blue blossoms balance atop tall, slender green stalks. Buzzing, boisterous bees; bumbling busy bugs bombard bevies of burgeoning blue bouquets. Bad-ass bayoneted bottoms belie beneficial blending of pollen … Continue reading

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Room to Think

“Welcome to my house!” The little boy pulls aside a low hanging branch and gestures into the shadow of an old growth cedar tree. “What a lovely home!” I look around the imaginary room: the evergreen walls, the mossy drapes, … Continue reading

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spring reckoning

Planted last winter, I watched for your blush of life. You remained dormant, or dead – Now I’m left to choose: wait and hope, or dig you out. dVerse Meet the Bar challenge: 5-line Japanese Poetic Forms. My first attempt … Continue reading

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