Weekend Coffee Share 6/18/16


If we were having coffee, I’d have to admit it’s reheated from yesterday’s pot. Or maybe, if you were coming over, I would not be so lazy and would brew a fresh pot.

I’d show you the work I’ve been doing in my yard. A bit of lawn care, flower gardening and light landscaping. Whoever landscaped the yard in the first place made extensive use of creosote-treated railroad ties to terrace the multilevel property.

And now, some decades later, the ties are rotting, so I’m pulling them out and trying to come up with new ways to keep the terraces from eroding.

I’m sure inspiration will strike. Hopefully before any heavy rains come through and wash my yard away.

My sister was cleaning up her yard recently, and she offered me an assortment of rocks, bricks, pavers, blocks and tiles. Of course I said yes! I’m not totally sure how I will incorporate them into the overall landscape theme, but since there really is no theme, they’ll likely fit right in. Somewhere.

If we were having coffee, I’d have to cut it short. My dog is telling me it’s time for our walk. Thanks for stopping by.

Thank you to Diana at  Part-time Monster Blog for hosting the #WeekendCoffeeShare.

About Maggie C

Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.
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6 Responses to Weekend Coffee Share 6/18/16

  1. If you offered me coffee from a reheated pot I would take it. I never waste a good Cup O’ Joe. A day only makes it stronger.

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  2. Walking the dog is very important. The terrace of your were made railties.

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  3. I love a no theme garden that just works. Have a great week.

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