Weekend Coffee Share 9/25/16


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you it’s been a busy – and mostly fun – week. Yard work, inside work, playing with the grandkids, playing with my dog Chules, nature walks, peeling almonds for almond milk, making overdue phone calls (and getting good news), sorting through things I had put aside (see previous post)…

I’m laying down a row of concrete blocks to replace a railroad tie terrace wall that runs along the back of my property. The block wall will be shorter, but the plan is to slope the upper level into a bank where I can plant a groundcover. And hopefully not have the freshly disturbed dirt wash away when the rains begin.

It’s slow going as I try to keep the blocks level and running in a straight row. I am beginning to wish I had intentionally designed the wall to curve a bit so I could worry less about alignment. Ah, hindsight.

I suppose I could rip it out and start over. I’m much better at demolishing than I am at constructing, so it would bring an instant gratification.

And then a lot more work. Obviously, I need to think this project through a bit more carefully.

It’s time to get Chules out for a walk before the day heats up. Thanks for stopping by. Let me know what you think: curved or straight?

Thanks to Diana at PartTimeMonster.com for hosting #weekendcoffeeshare.

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  1. Have good walk with Chules

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