Just Because I Can

Three Things Thursday is hosted at NerdintheBrain.com. Simple: List three things that make your life awesome.

Easy one today: Pets, Birthdays and Three-year-olds.


Today is my dog Chules’ third birthday. I don’t have time to write a lengthy post today extolling all his many charms, so I’ll just post a couple of photos. I’ve already posted them on my Facebook page, on the American Eskimo Dog Lovers FB page, and now — just because I can — I’ll share them here as well.

We’ll just count this as Chules’ fifteen minutes of fame.


And speaking of three-year-olds, here’s my favorite one:


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4 Responses to Just Because I Can

  1. Yeah! Congratulations all around! The same energy, these two. 🙂 My bestia will be four next month. Which is how long I’ve been in Italy. Time FLIES!

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