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Close up of light reflection on stained glass panel.

Close up of light reflection on stained glass panel.

In my little corner of the world, it seems that interest in glass work is swinging greatly towards the direction of “warm glass,” or kiln-formed glass. Which is very understandable. There is so much potential for creativity in the three-dimensional forms that melting glass allows.

Even the vocabulary of fused glass is fun: slumping, frit, draping, stringers, confetti…

And the vocabulary of my work with flat stained glass panels? How about “fid?” It’s just not a sexy word, although it works well in Scrabble when you’re really stuck. Or “lead,” which elicits sayings like: get the lead out… lead-footed… lead poisoning. Also not sexy.

Of course, there is some dimensionality in panels – in glass bevels, for example. Or in textured glass. And a flat panel doesn’t exclude the incorporation of three-dimensional objects.

Just because a panel is flat, however, does not mean it lacks depth.

“Depth” has so many meanings beyond the concept of a dimension. From

  1. a dimension taken through an object or body of material… [the extent, measurement, or distance downwards, backwards, or inwards]
  2. the quality of being deep; deepness.
  3. complexity or obscurity, as of a subject: a question of great depth.
  4. gravity; seriousness.
  5. emotional profundity: the depth of someone’s feelings.
  6. intensity, as of silence, color, etc.
  7. lowness of tonal pitch: the depth of a voice.

So a flat stained glass panel can be complex – either in design or in abstract meaning, can emote or evoke a sense of seriousness or profound feeling, and can incorporate intense colors. And if it could talk, who knows? It might just sound like Morgan Freeman.

Not bad for only two dimensions.

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Depth

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10 Responses to Depth Finder

  1. It looks like water. 🙂


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  2. madisoncmay says:

    Morgan Freeman has a very rich, deep voice! Funny to think about personifying a glass panel. 😊

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  3. Tina Schell says:

    Excellent examples and very interesting post.

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  6. Debbie says:

    Id say mulitdimensional.
    Again. 🙂

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