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#Weekend Coffee Share 3/19/17

If we were having coffee, you might notice that the path into my house is ever-so-slightly clearer. As the kitchen makeover progresses, some of the overflow materials, tools, odds and odders are thinning out a bit. Just a bit, though. … Continue reading

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Curved Glass Candle

.. in the making:   The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Curve

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Trading Places

Sometimes you’re the artist, and sometimes you’re the canvas. Participatory art? I think so.   T is for Tattoo.

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A Smashing Success

I’m going to make a hole in a window You’re going to break a window? Not break a window. Just put a hole in one. So smash it, you mean. Yes, it might look smashed. What will you smash it … Continue reading

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I didn’t hedge my bet that the hedge  would stay, but the leaves left and I was left with a whole new view on my view.   Sometimes privacy can be a real pane. I raise my glass to glass. … Continue reading

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Nautilus: the Golden Marvel

I mentioned last week that I featured a nautilus design in a stained glass panel I made for my granddaughter because of the shell’s meaning to me. A [chambered] nautilus is a cephalopod of the genus Nautilus that has a spiral, … Continue reading

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The I’s Have It

Inertia: I want to make a stained glass panel for my soon-to-be-born grandbaby. But: I haven’t done stained glass work in a long time and I’m pretty rusty; I’m downsizing so I don’t want to go out and buy a … Continue reading

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A Glob by Any Other Name. Please.

You look at these beautiful buttons of glass; a confectioner’s delight of colorful “candy.” And you ask, “What are these gorgeous pieces called?” And I say, “Oh, those? Those are globs.” Globs? Brings up visions of a lump of ice … Continue reading

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Clusters: All Together, Now

In yesterday’s post, the definition of bevels included the mention of “geometric configurations (called ‘clusters’) for incorporation into leaded glass work.” Ah, clusters… The fun thing about clusters is that you have ready-made pieces that you simply fit together (with … Continue reading

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The Bevel You Say!

One way to easily dress up a stained glass panel is to incorporate bevels into the design. While frequently used as borders, individual bevels can also be employed as standalone elements in the overall design of a window or panel. A … Continue reading

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