A Glob by Any Other Name. Please.

g4You look at these beautiful buttons of glass; a confectioner’s delight of colorful “candy.” And you ask, “What are these gorgeous pieces called?”

And I say, “Oh, those? Those are globs.”

Globs? Brings up visions of a lump of ice cream fallen to the sidewalk where the warm pavement turns it into a sticky – well… a sticky glob.

Or maybe a coagulation of gunked up motor oil stuck to the floor of a mechanic’s garage, dripped from an engine that was so filled with grime that the dark sludge came out in – you guessed it – globs.

But these beauties of glass? These irregular shapes and sizes were formed when molten glass was dropped in small amounts onto a flat surface and left to solidify. Flat on the bottom, rounded on top, and delightfully ready for incorporation into stained glass projects.




And, yes, they’re called globs.

Oh, by the way, if you don’t think that name quite suits them, I guess you could call them by their other name. They are also known as nuggets.


Feel better now? I know I do.

G  G is for Glob.

About Maggie C

Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.
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