Symmetry in Design


Weekly Photo Challenge Symmetry

To some extent, I try to avoid exact symmetry in my stained glass panel designs. The biggest reason is that I’m not very good at being exact about anything.  So chances are that – even if I try – the left side will not mirror the right.

Weekly Photo Challenge Symmetry


So instead, I have fun coming up with designs that I like to call “Symmetrical… But Not Really.” Like the koi in these photos. A fish eye on the left, a fish eye on the right. A fin on the left, a fin on the right. The orange koi even goes so far as to sport matching wing tips – er, fin tips.

koi chap

The other chap, while having the symmetry of matching anatomical bits and pieces, shook things up a bit when it came to body art. A splotch of orange here, two splotches there… maybe not as soothing and peaceful to look at as his pond mate, but interesting and worthy of contemplation in his own right. *

An example of my SBNR technique can be seen in the geometric design of the panel below. The nine white-looking pieces (they are actually clear glass; photography’s not my strong suit) are from a pre-cut bevel cluster, meant to be assembled into a symmetrical pattern. But they are incorporated into a larger design that – while still pulling everything together in a balanced scheme – is not a match of left and right. To me, it gives the panel more vibrancy and greater interest.

And, of course, it helps avoid that whole exactness deficiency of mine.

I figure if it’s good enough for Mother Nature and her koi chaps, then it’s good enough for me.z8

* The assumption of male gender of the koi is based strictly on my desire to use the term “chap.” I do not have the wherewithal to determine fish gender based on an aerial view. Nor am I particularly interested in acquiring that skill set. Sorry, I have to draw the line somewhere.

 Weekly Photo Challenge:  Symmetry

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2 Responses to Symmetry in Design

  1. Debbie says:

    ” a balanced scheme is not a matter of left and right”. love it.
    visually, one’s eye is drawn to that ‘white’ box in the middle, and with its strenght, everything around appears balanced.
    Balance is in the detail of things, the minute fluctuations of yin and yang, not just an exact measurement.
    love the little blurb about the chappies too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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