Weekend Coffee Share 4.23.17


If we were having coffee…

I’d offer you decaf tea today instead. It’s a bit late in the day for me to have caffeine, and herbal tea sounds comforting on this dreary, cold Sunday. My mood is rather dreary to match the weather, so I may not be the best of company today.

Friday was gorgeous once the morning clouds burned off. I got some yard work done; pulled errant weeds and mowed my lawn. I mowed down all my wonderful dandelions, but I veered around the volunteer clumps of grape hyacinths that popped up throughout the yard. It looks kind of like a bad haircut with purple highlights. But it’s my bad haircut and I’m liking it that way.

My kitchen remodel has slowed markedly as I struggle with getting the concrete counter tops to look at least a bit smoother than my front lawn. I had hoped to be nearly done with the kitchen project by the end of this month, but there’s tons left to do. I’ve still got seven days ‘til May, so maybe I’ll really buckle down this week and see how much I can accomplish. Me and Trump.


I’ve also been dealing with a water leak in the hatchback of my car. After three auto body shop visits and a few hundred dollars expended, it’s no better than when I first discovered the impromptu lake in the wheel well where the spare tire is stored. I guess I’ll be cleaning out the garage so I can fit the car back in.

The garage was clean until the kitchen remodel began spilling over. Ripped up flooring, ripped out counter tops, cardboard boxes, paint cans and supplies, cement and concrete mix, old warped shelving…  all accumulated in the garage.

Maybe cleaning out the garage is more important right now than charging ahead with the kitchen stuff. I can reap all the psychological benefits of cleaning: a greater sense of control through organizing, the buoyancy brought on by purging oneself of garbage and extraneous stuff, the satisfaction of immediate and tangible results. And a drier car.

Wow. I’m feeling better just thinking about it. Or maybe it was the tea. Or the chance to warm up in front of the space heater. Or the crackers. Help yourself to some, by the way, if you haven’t already. Where are my manners?

Here’s hoping for a productive week.

#WeekendCoffeeShare is generously hosted by Emily at NerdintheBrain.com

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4 Responses to Weekend Coffee Share 4.23.17

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I enjoyed your processing of what needs to be done. Hope you were able to get something accomplished with the garage.

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  2. We have a very small cottage-y house that I love but it needs a lot of TLC. Our improvements create such chaos in every room that we pick our time carefully. You must be surrounded by piles of stuff waiting for the kitchen to be finished. I don’t envy you the clean-up. :o)

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