Okay, I’m giving this another shot…

I have a hate — hate relationship with the new WordPress Editor. Seems everything looks fine when I post something, but when it goes out to email subscribers, it ends up a mess. This is attempt two to see if I got the spacing right. Sorry for doubling up on your inboxes.

If there are any WordPress aces out there, maybe you can school me in how to get verse to show up correctly without double-spaced lines, and without losing all formatting when sent out to subscribers. Arrrgh!

My thoughts
skip across the surface of
a densely overgrown pond,
then vanish – plop! –
beneath the surface
as ripples flee the scene.

Your thoughts
search the shadowed depths of
ancient wells, then reemerge
glistening with brilliance and
shedding droplets of sagacity
to quench the thirsts of all who imbibe.

I think
if I ever came across one of these
wells of wisdom, I’d likely
stumble right in and be lost
forever, a speck of irrelevance
in a pool of adults.

About Maggie C

Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.
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