Vancouver, USA Summer Spots (Walk #7)

Photo: Salmon Creek, Vancouver WA

The 7th outing for the Summer Challenge walks took us to Klineline Pond. Fortunately we could do our gps check-in from the parking lot because – after paying the parking fee – we discovered that my fur buddy Chules was not welcome at the pond.

So we took a photo from afar. The pond area appears to be very lush and green.

See that dried brown area in the forefront of the pic? Yeah, that’s where Chules and I were delegated to be. Nonetheless, there is a path that parallels Salmon Creek, the stream that feeds into Klineline Pond, so we took that and got in a nice little scenic walk.

I think Chules took this next pic. I did my best to straighten it. He thinks it looks great.

The next photo is straight. It’s the tree that’s crooked.

Seven site check-ins down; eight to go!

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3 Responses to Vancouver, USA Summer Spots (Walk #7)

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  2. Ahh, I hate it when this happens! I love your commentary. Chules needs to practice his shots. 😀

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