Vancouver, USA Summer Spots (Walk #8)

At the halfway point of the Visit Vancouver USA challenge (an app designed to encourage participants to get outdoors and explore the area), my eighth walk took me to the banks of the Columbia River and the Waterfront Renaissance Trail.

Chules and I went early in day to avoid the “heat dome” high temperatures, so we managed to catch a bit of the sunrise pink sky.

We’ve visited this area many times, so we strolled the familiar walkway for about a mile. I always enjoy seeing the art installations, including this sculpture of Ilchee, by artist Eric Jensen.

The sign next to the sculpture tells us that:

 “Ilchee, or ‘Moon Woman,’ was the daughter of Chinook Chief Comcomly. Ilchee arrived in the Fort Vancouver area in 1813, where she met and married her father’s successor, Chief Casino. She is depicted gazing west down the Columbia River, toward her family’s ancestral home at Chinook Point on the Washington coast.”

Farther east on the trail is another public art piece titled “Wendy Rose,” by the artists Women Who Weld (Sharon Agnor, Wendy Armstrong, Sumi Wu, Jennifer Corio & Kathy Wilson).

The plaque there states:

“Wendy celebrates the legacy of the women who entered the workforce at the Kaiser Shipyards during World War II. Wearing a bright red polka dot scarf made of glass, Wendy strides across the Bonneville Dam and is surrounded by other local symbols of the era.”

An interesting contrast between Ilchee and Wendy Rose, historically (and artistically) speaking.

So that’s eight site check-ins; seven to go!

Also an entry for the Photographing Public Art Challenge (PPAC) hosted by Marsha and Cee.

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19 Responses to Vancouver, USA Summer Spots (Walk #8)

  1. Great pics! Does part of the bridge raise?

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  2. Marsha says:

    Wendy Rose is perfect! I could tell without even reading that she was Rosie the Riveter. Fabulous piece. You got some great angles, too. Great statue of Ilchee. Both were new to me. Thanks for sharing your amazing finds. 🙂

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  4. Cee Neuner says:

    You have found some real fun photos for this week. Thanks 😀

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  5. Marsha says:

    Hi Maggie, C, Congratulations, I have chosen you as a Featured Blogger this week on PPAC for this wonderful post of two very different and lovely statues.

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