Behind the Scene(ry)


I was talking with a friend about finding good scenes to photograph, and she shared something she had learned while on her photo hikes. She learned to always look behind her.

Not that she’s paranoid; although I suppose it is a good safety tip. But her point was that, while focusing on what we thought to be the best subject matter, the best angle, the best lighting for our intended photo, we might be missing out on something even more wonderful or intriguing right behind us.

This advice helps me to be more aware when I’m out and about with my camera. Sometimes I’ve gotten great shots that way. And sometimes, like with the photo above, well… not so much. Perhaps there’s a reason the bench in the photo is pointed in the opposite direction.

The lesson for me – which extends to life well beyond my artistic endeavors:

Try not to be so intent on what you’re looking for that you don’t notice what you see.


Those stacks of lumber, though… they do have a certain je ne sais quoi about them, no?

The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Landscape

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4 Responses to Behind the Scene(ry)

  1. I love the thought. Yeah, sometimes it is something that we don’t see or seek at first and end up making us appreciate more. Kudos!

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  2. While hiking I like to stop every once an while and do a 360 to take in all the beauty from all angles. Most hikes are loops so I don’t come back the same way.

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