If we were having coffee… 4/2/16



If we were having coffee, I would most likely be the one sitting quietly, listening intently, and secretly thanking the gods of social interaction for having someone else here willing to carry the conversation. At the inevitable lull, when the heavy mantle of converse would fall upon me, I would mention a blogging community I just discovered through The Daily Post blog.

Connecting under the hashtag #weekendcoffeeshare, the intent is to publish a post each weekend (or with whatever regularity suits you), in which you (the blogger) write about what you’d share with your reader if you were visiting over a cup of coffee, beginning your post with “If we were having coffee…”

It sounds interesting, but a bit intimate. I’ve tried to not get too personal on this blog, and I don’t know if I want to change that. Or challenge that. Or challenge me. Or bore my readers.

I guess – in a way – whatever I post is innately personal to some degree. Each post is a glimpse into what I think is notable, beautiful, humorous, interesting…

So maybe I’m not being as elusive and anonymous as I think, posting surreptitiously from the shadows of my laptop, hiding behind my dark shades and low-brimmed hat. Maybe it’s not such a huge leap after all to sit down on a lazy Saturday morning with my warm cup of caffeine, and tell you what’s on my mind.

Maybe. I might give this weekend coffee share community a shot. Most likely not every weekend. But some. And next time… I promise to leave the dark glasses and Dick Tracy fedora at home. I can tell that the barista behind the bar is getting a bit nervous.

I’ll get this one, if you’ll leave the tip.

A big thank you to Diana at Part-Time Monster for hosting the weekly link-up where we can check out what other bloggers are discussing with their #weekendcoffeeshare.

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Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.
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12 Responses to If we were having coffee… 4/2/16

  1. bnzoot says:

    I understand. I write all the time but the intimacy of this coffee post, well, suffice to say I wrote one, scrapped it and re-wrote. We’ll get better in the trying, right? 😉

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  2. Welcome to Coffee/tea share. I feel most of the posts are not to personal. I do try and keep my personal life quite. It is hard to believe but a telephone number will pull up your life. Try typing your name in a search box. You will be surprised. I note you like photography and nature. Add mystery book to that and you have me.


    • Maggie C says:

      Thank you. I think I’ll enjoy these posts. I’ve read Sue Grafton A to X. Mostly lately I’ve been reading some “cozy mysteries that I can get free on my Kindle. A mixed bag; some are rather good and some are horrendous. Sounds like we have a lot in common.

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      • I have a lot free cozies on my Kindle. I also buylost ones. I was lucky and broughtmost of Joe Grey when they had a sale on them. Joe Grey is a cat who helps police. He has a group of friends. The cats can talk sovit is a paranormal. Many libraries have the complete series. Look for Colleen Helme. A good one.

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  3. Allyson says:

    Many times writing personal things can get good suggestions from readers via comments but we all become hesitate when sharing our personal things, just not in the blog, even face to face with friends too. But our views on different things through our blog tell much about us. ‘If we were having coffee’ is a great thought, we are opening ourself more or can say connecting more with others. Thinking to start this on my coffeemakerslist too, get some deep machines info.

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  4. Gene'O says:

    Personal is rarely boring. It reminds your readers they are interacting with another human being. Especially if you only do it occasionally, and the #WeekendCoffeeShare doesn’t require you to post every week once you start. Just when you feel like it. I helped found the thing, and I didn’t do one for almost six months. Was welcomed back with open arms.

    I’ve tried all kinds of blogging stuff. I don’t have a large following, but I do have one, and they love, love, love to know what’s going on in my life. Especially when I’ve published a long run of non-personal posts or have been away for awhile.

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  5. Diana says:

    I originally started writing the coffee posts because much of what I publish on the blog is pop culture or feminist in nature, and I wanted a place to put things that didn’t fit into my normal content. The idea of an intimate little coffee chat seemed to be just the right kind of format, as I could make it into pretty much anything I wanted.

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