Weekend Coffee Share (11/12/16)


If we were having coffee, I  would tell you that I am trying very, very hard to not be political right now. Hillary supporters are grieving. Trump supporters are celebrating. And I’m not really sure who the people are that think vandalism and violence and rioting is the appropriate response to the presidential election results.

But I realized last night that I’m not being political at all. I’m being human. And that’s very important right now. One of the definitions Dictionary.com gives us for the word “human” is “sympathetic; humane.” I might add fallible, imperfect, visceral, discerning, emotive and perseverant to the list.

Regardless of our political stances, we are all human. And so it hurts when Starbucks puts out a drink cup design meant to represent unity, and social media trolls decry the design as a divisive political statement. Since when did unity become a Blue or Red characteristic to vilify?

And it hurts when I watch late night show host monologues of the evening after the election, and it makes me cry; not with laughter, but with sorrow. I try to cry softly so as not to upset my dog, because he doesn’t understand what’s going on. He watches me warily and worriedly, and then he comes over and jumps up to frantically lick my face as if to say, “It’s okay. Be happy! I don’t like it when you’re sad.”

And then I wonder how many parents are trying to grieve discreetly so as not to frighten their young children. And it hurts more. Much more.

If we were having coffee, I would think I should apologize for being such a downer, for being a thoughtless host for expressing my not-so-uplifting feelings. But then I would rethink, and realize that I’m just being human. And I would try to respect that you, too, are human and regardless of your thoughts and feelings about the election or the candidates or the Starbucks coffee cup, we would most likely both be humane about one another’s beliefs.

And what’s a good coffee share without honesty and respect and – if not real understanding—at least a willingness to listen. So please have another cup of coffee and I will respectfully listen as you share your honesty. After all, that’s what a thoughtful host does.

Thanks to Diana at PartTimeMonsterBlog.com for hosting the #WeekendCoffeeShare.

About Maggie C

Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.
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22 Responses to Weekend Coffee Share (11/12/16)

  1. Smile at your dog. 🙂 And parents, smile at children. There will be time for an explanation later. Later, but it must come. Hiding it is the worst one can do.

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  2. I too share your insights. Thank you for posting this. xx

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  3. Peggy Lemmer says:

    It is a very difficult time when all you believe in is no longer reflected by the leaders of your country. My only thought is to continue to believe and live as you believe and perhaps your beliefs will be reflected by the country. So smile at Chules and play with him. 🙂

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  4. Thank for your thankful thoughts on the election mess. I cry with you and look for posts and things to make me smile and feel better. Hover an event occurred last night that brought home the situation to me. Two Boise police officers and their K-9 companion were shot. The location was near where I grew up and live now. All will probably recover, the shooter is dead and it is probably not related to the election mess.

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  5. I understand how you feel. Also, my dog is equally sensitive!

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    • Maggie C says:

      It always surprises me as to how aware he is of what’s going on around him emotion-wise; although he seems completely oblivious as to why I might be annoyed at him sometimes. Selective empathy, I guess.


  6. Angela Leese says:

    I’d probably make an awkward joke about how my faith in God is now totally in jeopardy because of the Starbucks cup. And point out that I like Peet’s coffee better so could we meet there next time?

    I’d do about anything to not talk about politics.

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  7. Jane says:

    “But I realized last night that I’m not being political at all. I’m being human. And that’s very important right now. One of the definitions Dictionary.com gives us for the word “human” is “sympathetic; humane.”

    Maggie, you’ve summed up many of my feelings over this cup of coffee. And, we are not alone- so many conversations… All focused on trying to figure out how to retain the respectful ethics and morals that we probably took for granted until know. It’s a struggle to imagine how to navigate through a world that is fast tipping away from the respectful and tolerant side of what being human is all about. Thank you and thank Chules 😉

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