Staying Focused



It’s challenging when you have a one-track mind trying to switch between several trains of thought whilst going full steam. (Yes, I railroaded that sentence to be engineered for maximum punnage.)

With the improved weather, I’ve begun working on some landscaping projects in my back yard. I go outside and putter around during the cool mornings. Then when it gets too warm for yard work, I come indoors and putter around with my DIY home impairment projects.

In the back of my mind, though, perched between “do the dishes” and “give the pets their monthly flea prevention treatments,” is the niggling thought that I should write a post for this blog.

Should. Want to. Wish I could. Would if only… Will once I get the dishes done and the pets treated. Definitely will when I can stop and focus.

Ay, therein lies the rub (as Hamlet is misquoted to have said): focus.

Speaking of which (Hamlet being the “which” in this instance), it’s past my bedtime and so I must go “[t]o sleep perchance to dream.”  Maybe I will be better able to focus in the morning and then I can finish this post about —

um… what was I writing about? Trains? Putters? Shakespeare?

Oh, well. It’ll come to me. Right now I think I’d better conduct my caboose off to bed.

The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Focus

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  1. That first paragraph though! Very clever and humorous take on the WPC! Nice piece 🙂

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