Rush Hour


I should have taken the I-5 freeway, I tell myself even as I commit to the onramp of I-84 East. Traffic is at a crawl as drivers jockey to merge into the three eastbound lanes. I choose the center lane. A red Volvo in front of me switches to the left lane even though it, too, is at a near standstill. My line begins to move and I pull past the Volvo. I bet they’re sorry they changed lanes. I smile smugly. A mile later, my lane slows, and cars are passing on both sides. The Volvo, now in the right lane, zooms past me. That’s okay. It’s not a race. I stay in the middle lane. Dance with the one that brung ya, right?

drivers on their marks
finish lines are self-described
bring your own trophy

For the next six miles, traffic ebbs and flows. Compulsively, I check my progress against cars on either side of me. No, it’s not a race, but there’s that nagging need to prove that I chose the best lane. I reach my exit and check my rear view mirror as I ease over to the off ramp. The red Volvo is right behind me. Ha! For all its lane changing, I still came out in front. Had it been a race – which of course it wasn’t – I would have won. Yep… dance with the one that brung ya. Fidelity always pays off. Until it doesn’t.

crows raise strident voice
choruses of morning birds
solos every one

Haibun Monday: Silent Sounds

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Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.
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12 Responses to Rush Hour

  1. Peggy Lemmer says:


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  2. Great Haibun. I have been stuck on I-84 more than once.

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  3. Ouch… this makes me glad that I can take bicycle to work.

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  4. “Dance with the one that brung ya.” Haha, story of my life and how I lost years when I should have moved on. We always do that, don’t we, keep checking those other lanes.

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  5. Sarah Ann says:

    Really enjoyed this and the competition rush hour/ a traffic jam can evoke. Great repeat of, ‘Dance with the one that brung ya,’ – the first downbeat, the second triumphant.

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