It’s a Sonnet, Doggone it!

NOTE: January 3, 2019 ~ It’s been over three years since I wrote this sonnet, and it’s still the only one I’ve managed. The dVerse prompt today is the sonnet. The form still confounds me, but I will stretch my comfort zone and practice writing another one. Maybe two. In the meantime, I am sharing this poem, and am most welcoming of feedback. Thank you. 

October 19, 2015:

The final assignment in the WordPress Writing 201 course is to write a sonnet. Not my style at all, although I have to admit I’ve never tried to write one before.

At any rate, I hiked up my Shakespeare shorts and dove in, and as you can see below, my muse Chules chipped in by demonstrating his poetry quothe-ing and theatrical emoting skills.


But, bark! What lights softly through yawnder broken window?

Herewith, I giveth thee my sonnet:

songs pleasure

WordPress Writing 201, Assignment Ten. Prompt: pleasure. Form: sonnet . Device: apostrophe.

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Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.
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41 Responses to It’s a Sonnet, Doggone it!

  1. clcouch123 says:

    Thou givest well. Verily. A celebration of the primacy of song. A song that deserves a song. Or a sonnet. I wonder if this will truly be your last. Well done. Thank you!

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    • Maggie C says:

      Thank you! I don’t know about writing another. Sonnet writing is a bit of a strain, and I don’t want to hurt my brain. (Rhyming unintentional). Thanks for commenting.


  2. clcouch123 says:

    Well, sonnets are songs, as most poetry is. Maybe you’ll simply write song lyrics. Which would be a great feat, too (“great feat”–I have no idea what kind of rhyme that might be).

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  3. Oh please write more! Beautiful!

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  4. Great subject, well put

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  5. tildy1 says:

    Nice sonnet! The rhyming pattern was great.

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  6. msjadeli says:

    i like the questioning nature of your sonnet and the conclusion that you draw

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  7. rothpoetry says:

    I really like this take on music playing us rather than the other way around!

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  8. rob kistner says:

    Wonderful contemplation on the essence of music. I really liked this Maggie!

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  9. Mish says:

    Oh I like this curious look at music and the attention you give to “the song”. A refreshing perspective.

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  10. Exactly how I imagine a sonnet should be—questions and a satisfying answer 🙂

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  11. Frank Hubeny says:

    I think the song plays upon us.

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  12. I love the way you give the song its own life in this flawless Petrarchan sonnet… love how you incorporated the questions and then in a way answered the question with more questions.

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  13. lynn__ says:

    Wow, Maggie, well done! or is it “bow, Wow”…I laughed at your dog photo & caption 😀

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  14. Gina says:

    you had me humming to the rhythm of your sonnet, such an endearing piece, yes you should write another!

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  15. I like the idea of the song playing the musician. That might just be the case!

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  16. Love this, Maggie! The dog photo and caption made me laugh out loud.

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  17. Lona Gynt says:

    There is no true creation that does not live. Interesting that the song itself should have life. Art is it seems a transposition of life from the creator to piece, the song, the poem, this sonnet. We see the life of the creator in it and it moves us, but your interesting view that the song has a life even separate from the composer is fascinating, and I think has some truth, these things come frm somewhere. the loam and dirt combined to build us, and our brains are just the soft jellies of the earth that has somehow learned to sing. Maggie, I am in awe, like Bjorn (a true sonnet master btw) said… flawless, and more importantly…. IT’S ALIVE!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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  18. memadtwo says:

    I like the question/answer form of it. And yes, music does play us! (K)

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  20. A decisive first sonnet. Spot on.

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