Dear Morning Glory:

Despite the beauty of your blossoms,
in your determined quest to reach the sun
you appear to be strangling my currant bush.

While I find both you and the currant bush
aesthetically pleasing, I unfortunately
need to sacrifice one  to spare the other.


Contrary to your innocent appearance,
I know you to be quite ruthless in your
climb to the top, and it seems to matter not
whom you strangle in the process.

Please consider this letter to be
your eviction notice. You must
cease and desist from wrapping your tendrils
around the stems of the currant resident.


In order to facilitate your departure,
I am uprooting you from the ground.
While I hope this resolves our conflict,
I suspect you will try to make a comeback.

Be warned:
I will be diligent in
policing my grounds.

The Keeper of the Pruning Shears

The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Spare

About Maggie C

Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.
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8 Responses to Entangled

  1. Dear what rhymes with stanza: Tony Danza, Bonanza, extravaganza, I think there is a car called the Lanza… (nope, sorry, but there is a hair healing line of shampoo products)… also, and I hate to say this, the guy who shot kids at Sandy Hook was named Adam Lanza… Lufthansa… I hope this helps…

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  3. JANE says:

    Those invasive morning glories…. Grrrrr
    They are on the removal list here as well. At the moment, however, Himalayan blackberries and purple nightshade are the key targets.
    Glad to see cooler weather on the way!

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    • Maggie C says:

      I have something with pink flowers wending its way through my lawn, too. I think it’s a different variety of morning glory? Between that and the clover and the dandelions, I don’t have much grass left. Yes, I will be very thankful for cooler weather!


      • JANE says:

        Ha! We both have NW lawns! Recently heard a talk about Planting for Pollinators given by a Master Gardener. His opinion was not to worry so much about dandelions- what they provide for wildlife justifies keeping them. I liked that idea 😀

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        • Maggie C says:

          I like it, too. Maybe I can post my yard as a wildlife sanctuary, and put a big sign where all the neighbors can see. Make it look like I’ve planned for my lawn to be this way.

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