Weekend Coffee Share 6/25/16


If we were having coffee, I would tell you to watch your step as we made our way through the house to the back deck. I’ve got a dozen different projects going and it’s an obstacle course in here right now.

One new endeavor – which has the kitchen looking like a disaster area – is that I’m trying out home cooking for my dog Chules. After his illness, he absolutely refused to go back on his regular kibble when I tried to wean him off the special diet the vet had recommended. Since I rarely even cook for myself, this experiment may not last long. We’ll see.

I’ve also been “helping” my daughter with figuring out how to get my two-year-old granddaughter to stop turning nap- and bedtimes into a battle of the wills. The great thing about grandparenting is that I can toss out all sorts of advice/ideas/wisdom without having to face any consequences if my suggestions don’t work.

Last night, my daughter (let’s call her “D” and my granddaughter “G” for privacy’s sake) and I were texting back and forth about the situation. Our conversation went something like this:

D: Did you have problems like this?!

Me: It’s not a problem. It’s a challenge 😀

D (tries to reach through the phone to smack me for my flippancy)

Me: G has a good imagination. Use it to your advantage. Make it fun to take a nap. If you give her imagination something to chew on she’ll forget about thinking up excuses for getting out of bed. Pretend to zip her into an imaginary sleep bubble or something…

******* [Long time passes.] *******

D: Just tried that. She’s been up three times since. I “put her in a bubble” to have dreams of us snuggling her. She gave me the bubble back, wanted to put it in her play teepee, and wanted to pop it.

Okay, so maybe that one wasn’t a great idea. Apparently G has an even greater imagination than I gave her credit for. I suggested my daughter put G in an imaginary pair of cement shoes, but it’s hard telling what G would do with that one.

Anyway, I had a good night’s sleep. I’m kind of afraid to call my daughter to see how the rest of her evening panned out. Maybe I should be serving her the coffee this morning. She might benefit from a “caffeine bubble” today.

I hope your weekend goes well. And don’t let anyone burst your bubble.

Thank you to Diana at  Part-time Monster Blog for hosting the #WeekendCoffeeShare.

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12 Responses to Weekend Coffee Share 6/25/16

  1. mommyusage says:

    That was cute! Your granddaughter sounds awesome!

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  2. LOL. This cracked me up. I do feel for your daughter. I remember those days. Our oldest would fight sleep like it was a disease! One thing we found that worked, sometimes, was to allow him to read in bed until he went out. Rules were: he could put all the books he wanted on his bed and on the floor right beside him, had to keep only his lamp on, and he had to stay in bed. Otherwise, lights out with consequences if he got out of bed again… 😉


  3. I am glad not have your daughter’s problem. She may settle down as she gets older.

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  4. amiewrites74 says:

    Aw, your granddaughter sounds like a sweetie. She sounds much like my younger daughter so I feel your daughter’s pain. Nothing worked with mine. She is a bit easier now that she’s a little older but those early years were a challenge!

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  5. Sends all kinds of will-power where necessary, for cooking as well as parenting. Glad to hear that your dog is better. I hope you soon discover the optimal food regime.

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  6. jademwong says:

    LOL sounds like “G” is going to grow up to be quite the adventurous girl in the very best way 🙂 If only they knew how sleep-deprived they would be once they start going to college and working, kids would clamor for all the naptimes in the world haha.

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