world afire

Had we only raked the forest floors
we could have stopped the fires.
If we built a higher wall,
tear gas wouldn’t cross the border.
There is no global warming;
can’t you feel the cold rain
falling on the fallen?

Anger rakes across my senses,
fire ravages my gut.
Walls can’t contain the pain
or hold back the tears.
The earth burns with desperation
as hearts grow ever colder.
And all the while, it is snowing in Russia.


dverse Poetics: fire up that creativity

About Maggie C

Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.
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44 Responses to world afire

  1. Hélène Vaillant says:

    Rake the forests, build a wall. God save us all from the Orange Head,
    Beautiful poem, it says it all.

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  2. The way you have used contrast works well for this poem. There are so many “if only’s” in life. This brings it home.

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  3. Glenn Buttkus says:

    “The world is on fire & Trump is playing with matches.” indeed. What other President has been truly a “fucking moron” who wants to be king? He has shown us that once anyone is in office, he is close to untouchable. Are we lucky that he has shown us the innocent naive underbelly of democracy? Will he be the architect of some unending dystopian nightmare of a future? If we impeach him, won’t the Senate save him? Won’t he pardon all the king’s crooks? Questions with answers.

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  4. rob kistner says:

    What a fine and harrowing expression of our ravaging Trumpster fire Maggie. Maybe that orange head will spontaneous combust…

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  5. It’s frightening, the inferno and the cold hearts.

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  6. V.J. Knutson says:

    Methinks the snow in Russia looks a lot like money…

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  7. Peggy Lemmer says:

    I feel your pain, and anger and frustration. You are very good at this. 🙂 Also he is very, very bad!

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  8. Margaret Elizabeth Bednar says:

    your poet’s voice speaks for many people.

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  9. msjadeli says:

    “Anger rakes across my senses,
    fire ravages my gut.” expresses a sense of helplessness at what’s happening for me. it’s like the fire (destruction) that’s gotten out of control

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  10. rothpoetry says:

    Very good poem of interesting contrasts!

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  11. Gina says:

    right and wrong played against nature’s might, how can we win, we are but defenseless and only greedy humans beings – beautifully penned

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  12. Jo-Anne Teal says:

    You’ve gathered so much and written so much in this piece. One might say, you’ve written with fire. I agree with Gina. Beautifully penned.

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  13. i Heard EartH Praying Tonight.. Yes..
    i am Listening.. Watching.. too..
    For A Fire Of Inoculation…
    Virus of
    Culture As Such
    A Nice Naked
    Species they were….
    A Fall
    of Clothes…
    Then.. Comb Over From Hell..;)

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  14. Brendan says:

    We live in a burnt world now, no poem not browned and curling in from the edges. But we can vote. And write burning poems!

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  15. Janice says:

    I love the passion and irony in this and how it’s tightly written (each word counts).

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  16. I love the emotions that ignite in the 2nd stanza. Very passionate.

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  17. Frank Hubeny says:

    I like this descriptive line of the situation: “The earth burns with desperation”

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  18. For a president like this there are simply just two alternatives… either he is too stupid to understand basic concepts or he is too dishonest…. both alternatives are scary… (but I tend to believe that he is a crook).

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  19. This is so well done and drives home the absurdity of 45’s actions and statements. I believe he is both stupid and dishonest, and we are seeing what a dangerous combination those are, especially in a President.

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  20. Fire burns in me every time I hear that idiot speak. Imagine reading a scientific report, proof of climate change, and human fault, and simply denying it. Great poem, Maggie!

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    • Maggie C says:

      Thank you. I wouldn’t assume he read the report. I think his response was something along the lines that he “saw” the report, but his “gut” tells him it’s all wrong. With a gut like his, there’s no need to read, apparently.

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