Forever Love

Assignment #8. Prompt: drawer. Form: ode. Device: apostrophe.

I am cheered to see you again, though it was unexpected.
I had thought the drawer to be empty, 
opening it simply on a whim. 
Recklessly abandoned inside this dark coffin, 
you nonetheless thrived, 
gaining esteem despite my neglect.

Bold colors contrast with your diminutive size. 
A seeming contradiction between flamboyant style
and menial purpose.
I am not swayed by either extreme.
My attraction is not based on appearances, 
and I recognize that your inconsequential demeanor 
belies your true power.

More contradictions:
You await my direction, to do my bidding,
and yet it is you who holds sway
over my very basic capacity to communicate.
And though I value you, I must send you away.
Your potential cannot be realized 
while stuffed in a drawer.

So I'm letting you go with one selfish request:
Please do not return to me,
my “forever” postage stamp.


About Maggie C

Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.
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