Imagine that


Oh, there you are! My imaginary friend! I’m glad you showed up. I’m feeling a bit sad today. Well, maybe not “sad” so much… just lonely, I guess.

Anyway, now that you’re here, let’s play! Wanna sing songs? It’s extra fun when we make up our own words to the tunes. Or we could lay in the grass and watch the clouds go by. We can pick out shapes that look like animals and tell stories about what they’re doing up there in the sky.

imaginary 2

What’s that you say? You don’t have time to play with me? But imaginary friends always have time to play! They never change; they’re supposed to be there whenever you need them.

Yes, that’s what I said; they never change. Well, sure, I guess you do look older. But that’s okay, ‘cuz I still feel just as young as the day you first…

… imagined me.



So you’re real and I’m the imaginary friend. And now that you’re older you don’t need me anymore? I see.

No, no… I understand. I’m okay. It’s just… sad.

Well, you go on, then. I know you’re busy. I’ll just sit here and…

Hey! There’s a little girl over there. She looks kind of sad, don’t you think? Or maybe not “sad” so much… just lonely.


Excuse me, little girl.  My name is Imogene. Wanna play? I know lots of cool games! You’re real, right? ‘Cuz – you know – I’m kind of… imaginary.

You’ll play with me? Great!

What? Oh, that girl I was talking to over there? Yes, we’re friends. We used to hang out together a lot when she was your age, but now…

… now she doesn’t imagine as well as she used to.

The Daily Post daily one-word prompt: Imaginary

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Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.
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3 Responses to Imagine that

  1. Ohhh, it’s sad, or just lonely. In a funk myself the last two days. Love the reversals.

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