morning stirs


The clock shows six a.m. Maybe. My eyes don’t quite focus first thing in the morning. My dog Chules has awakened me with his gentle “woof” from halfway down the hall. I don’t know how he expects me to hear such soft greetings, but I do hear them, almost every time. I rise and make my way down the hall to the front door where Chules now waits. “What kind of day do you suppose it is today?” I ask. Chules answers as usual with a generous tail wag and an expectant smile. He doesn’t prejudge days. He’s very Zen about that kind of thing.

I prop the door open with my Himalayan salt crystal. The lamp inside broke some time ago, but it’s quite heavy and makes a perfect door stop, so there it sits. Chules steps out to the  porch and plops down on the cool cement. The lyrics from a Dan Fogelberg song enter my head.

Yes it’s going to be a day // There is really no way to say no // To the morning.

Chules’ eyes meet mine. Does he hear the song, too? In my imagination, I hear us both saying, “Yes.” A most hearty yes to the morning.

morning stirs awake
day unfolds to greet the sun
petals of summer

dVerse Haibun Monday: morning

About Maggie C

Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.
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32 Responses to morning stirs

  1. Singledust says:

    he does not pre-judge days, I want that attitude, dogs are so wonderful, they just accept us and the day as it comes

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  2. Beverly Crawford says:

    I love your morning description. I’m afraid I’d not be very patient with that woof down the hall, no matter how soft, but your loving acceptance comes through loud and clear!

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  3. jo says:

    Dogs are so great! I love your description of the morning and the last line in your haiku is wonderful!

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  4. Mish says:

    A vivid walk through your morning. I loved the interaction with your dog, almost telepathic. His perspective is a good one! Don’t prejudge the day.

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  5. Grace says:

    Yes, to the mornings. Hope you and your dog have a great day!!!!

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  6. V.J. Knutson says:

    I love that your dog is Zen. Mine used to poke me with his nose and herd me down the hallway – nothing Zen about him, lol.

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  7. rothpoetry says:

    Maybe we should face the day like Chuley. He seems to take life one day at a time and does not look beyond or back. Nice One.

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  8. Frank Hubeny says:

    It’s a tail wag and smile sort of day. Nice description.

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  9. kanzensakura says:

    Wonderful description of your morning and I love Chules. We had a dog about 7 years ago that died of old age. So far we can’t get it together to have another as it is so sad to lose them. your haiku is most excellent.

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  10. I found the line, “He doesn’t prejudge days.” to be delightful and my kind of humor.

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  11. kim881 says:

    What a handsome dog you have, Maggie, and how gentle, patient and Zen he is! I love the way you talk to him – I’m the same with my cats – and those petals of a summer’s day unfolding to greet the sun.

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  12. I feel like we should meet a new day in the same way…

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  13. Peggy Lemmer says:

    Brisco woofs softly just after sunrise. He then jumps up and snuggles for a while. He also loves the morning. We both love Dan Fogleberg. 🙂

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  14. Most excellent. ❤ The whole world needs to be a bit more zen about it, and say yes.

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