Turning In

chules at night2

It is 10 PM. My dog Chules stares up at me from the floor, where he has been sleeping most of the evening. He wants to catch my eye so I will realize it is bedtime. I’m not sure how he distinguishes between his many naps and bedtime, nor do I understand why he feels responsible for getting me to turn in at this particular hour. Nonetheless, bedtime it is.

As per ritual, I open the front door so he can go outside and relieve himself one last time. Not wanting to draw moths to the light inside, I step out onto the porch, close the door, and wait in the dark for Chules to finish his business. Sometimes he gets right to it, sometimes he goes off on a final check of the yard’s perimeter. On warm nights like tonight, he is just as apt to sit on the lawn and gaze at the stars. I join him in sitting and gazing, though I’m certain our ruminations run on very different tracks.

it is quiet tonight except for the chirping of crickets. I don’t recall having heard them for quite some time, and I find comfort in the familiarity of nature’s music. So much of it has gone missing. After a time, I stand and Chules comes trotting back to the porch. We go inside and — having settled my mind and his kidneys — we retire to our beds in peace.

crickets serenade
on dark, warm nights I eavesdrop
songs not meant for me

dVerse haibun Monday: crickets

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Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.
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35 Responses to Turning In

  1. You wrote of my night ritual with my dogs. In fact, last night the crickets seemed so loud, so desperate that I couldn’t have missed them. Is Chules an American Eskimo? I shared life with one about ten years ago–sweet dogs.

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  2. Glenn Buttkus says:

    A lovely haibun, and gentle rocking of the prompt. Your haiku is delicious. Your prose is a sweet slice of life. Our pooch passed a decade ago, and I still miss her.

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  3. erbiage says:

    Oh there’s a wistfulness in this that almost hurts

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  4. jo says:

    I love your snapshot of those moment before you and Chules head for bed — nicely done!

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  5. Beverly Crawford says:

    What a lovely evening habit with a beloved companion! You took us along with your lovely descriptive writing. Thank you!

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  6. rothpoetry says:

    Love your haiku. So good that you sit with your dog and look at the stars. Beautiufl.

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  7. V.J. Knutson says:

    This is such a sweet tale of woman and dog, and then you drop that last line – such a punch. Surely nature’s serenade includes you.

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  8. Array says:

    I love your letting us in on the nightly ritual with you and Chules. My hsuband’s dog died several years ago and it broke his heart so, we will not have another. the haiku is lovely.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Not meant for you? Perhaps it was. 🙂

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  10. Oh I love this, and eavesdropping!

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  11. kim881 says:

    I so enjoyed following your nightly routine, Maggie – and what a sweet dog! Dogs and cats know when it’s time to go to bed and don’t like changes to the routine. I miss that nighttime wait outside the door since we lost our little dog. I love the image of dog and human gazing at the stars. I also love how the crickets chimes in the final paragraph and came to a beautiful crescendo in the haiku – eavesdropping on songs not meant for you – love it!

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  12. lynn__ says:

    I felt like I was eavesdropping with you…and the punctual Mr. Chules. Delightful haibun for us dog lovers!

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  13. Beautiful. ❤ You will always have this. And I know the stare.

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  14. m.j.smith says:

    What are the stars to dogs? What I’d give for just one minute in a dog’s mind.

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