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Violets (a triolet)

Sweet violets in the garden grow in dappled shade and summer breeze. Such vibrant beauty to behold!  Sweet Violet’s in the garden. Grow strong and wise and free and bold!  May laughter always flow with ease. Sweet! Violets in the … Continue reading

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Reverse Engineering

Passing Through the Lot on a Hot Day Whose parking lot? I have no clue. She probably lives in Timbuktu; Security cams all turned on me, She’ll see each car I’m prowling through. Your big ‘ol mutt is onto me, … Continue reading

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Waking the Muse

On the book shelf she’d hidden for nearly a year ‘mongst the likes of O. Henry and bard William Shakespeare. From her disheveled looks and the smell of stale beer, I assessed that some things are quite as they appear. … Continue reading

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